Wrapping a Compact Disk

Usually, we are told that the best packaging found in nature is the skin of a banana because it protects, communicates the age of the product, it’s easy to open, protects the hands of the consumer while making use of the product and it’s sustainable.

We were asked to think of a limited/collectors edition packaging for CDs by artists Merzbow and MF Doom & Lou Reed.

1. Since I didn’t have the technologic knowledge to make my packaging as efficient as the skin of a banana, why not?, I swapped the banana for an onion and thought of solving this project by wrapping a CD with several layers of “skin”. Each layer with its own texture, imagery and lyrics so the process of opening the CD would be a fun one. Anyway, us collectors are very happy to keep anything and everything by our admired artist. Even the paper that we peel off.

2. A packaging thought to be produced by cutting and folding only.

3. Wrapping a CD not with paper but with one piece of (very long) thread & a piece of wood. The names of the artists would be reproduced not using ink, but thread. If you are patient and very open minded about what alphabet letters should look like, then you will “easily” read the names.

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