CD packaging for collectors

The brief for this uni project was to design a CD package not taking into account budget limitations and we could choose any artist we liked. Originally, I was going to make a completely different CD, but thought of making this Xmas tree while shopping for materials for my original idea. It was in a decoration materials shop, where most things being sold were Christmas-y. So, wrapping a special Xmas edition as a Xmas tree, made sense (to me).

The tree is divided into 3 levels. The top one includes a bell that can be perfectly rung. The middle one, includes visual material: photographs, lyrics, history of the band, etc. in the shape of Xmas tree decorations. The third one, in cluded the CD(s). The tree would stand on a carpet with the name of the band embroidered, completing the look of a proper Xmas tree. Therefore, the packaging could be used as a Xmas decoration as well and not only as a box sitting on a CD rack.

CheckersTree CheckersTree02

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