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A pair of two

July 13, 2013


The brief we were given to design book covers was to design a collection of two books by Susan Sontag: “Regarding the Pain of Others” and “On Photography”. As you may expect, we were asked to design the cover of each book with its own identity, while making them part of a whole. Like brothers of […]

Advertising someone

January 2, 2012


For this mini-module on advertising, we worked in groups. Each group was to choose one person from the group, to advertised him/her. Our group was of about 5-8 people on and off and we chose a guy who, for some time and just for fun, had been interpreting a character he created himself called “Mr […]

This blog

January 1, 2012


¡Hola! This blog is a graphic design undergrad portfolio. Work done during my uni years and other courses I’ve taken. Thanks for dropping by!! P.S. If you are using your mobile: 1. find more under the “menu” or 2. by clicking on the options at the top. Whichever you see. amakimus