The book I had to write

Under the system I studied my udergraduate degree in Mexico City, the most common way of graduating was by writing a thesis (that’s how it’s called in Mexico).

Also, the thesis had to be on a “real” project. That’s why I chose to do it on a summer workshop I had actually worked for during my internship time at the Museo Franz Mayer. (That’s another thing about Mexican udergrad system: if you want to graduate from uni, you have to work for free at an institution for 480 hours.)

The Museo Franz Mayer summer workshop was one of many that Mexico City museums offer for the summer. In these workshops, kids have fun and learn during their summer holidays. The workshop I planned for my thesis was to take place for a month and the theme was “Paper”.

I planned the workshop so the kids (6 to 10 years old) would learn how paper is made and how paper has evolved throughout history. They would make their own paper, and then, use it to make postcards and a bound notebook with it. They would also learn some concepts on visual representation, which they would see applied in the Museum’s collection. The final project was to make their own folding screen.

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